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How To Get SEO Training

I will not rain in the wet and say that is to follow the main blogs in Brazil and abroad, participate in events in the area, as well as develop a network where you can exchange experiences. This is quite obvious and even important, but still not the main one, as SEO is learned in practice. So, I will suggest three ways that all SEO professionals should go (but it won’t always be possible): For more information you can check at Glamy SEO Service.

Own SEO cases: always important

This is the simplest and most autonomous path. However, due to Google’s changes to its quality policy, it is difficult for small sites to position themselves on competing keywords.

But a good affordable SEO services professional should have difficult term positioning cases using white hat techniques. A second way to accomplish this is by providing SEO consulting, or even working at an affordable SEO services company or agency.

If we could summarize an SEO expert’s focus on one thing they would be the keywords. That alone is unlikely to provide any kind of results for the site being optimized, but someone who does not have the keywords as a focus of their work will not succeed as expected – and that is where many of the frustrations come from the work of SEO we can hear from new clients who have professionals or other agencies working on your site. (This is not a challenge to competitors, as I think mostly of other agencies or companies that offer SEO without the least knowledge.)

Working in a company with SEO culture: a differentiator

Although there are few companies with true SEO culture in Brazil, they exist, but due to the privacy of information I have prefer not to mention specific names. What I can say is that most of them are mostly in the media, tourism and e-commerce segments. To be able to join these companies, which are usually medium or large in size, may require some referral or participate in bureaucratic selection processes that make the entry barrier higher for agencies or the development of their own websites.

 Work in an SEO Agency: The Simplest and Longest

This path, while quite obvious, should not be overlooked and can often be one of the “easiest”, especially for those in their early career, since access to them is simpler and less bureaucratic; and if the candidate already has a few SEO cases, even simple ones, it may catch the attention of the executives of these agencies;

This rule applies here at Conversion, and I think among all our competitors as well. In agencies, in turn, it is essential that the professional grows and seek managerial / managerial positions or, if you want to become an expert in SEO, you must have agencies that have this type of position.