dedicated developer


A dedicated developer is essentially a web developer assigned to your team for the duration of your project. The developer will work off site, but they will become an integral part of your development project team.

Need a large web application built? Developing a large Ecommerce platform from the ground up? Projects that require dedicated developers are often large, ongoing projects that span several months or years. More than one developer may be needed for your project, and the price is $2,199 per month for each developer on your team. We will discuss the options for your project once we have an idea what it is that your project will accomplish.

What is the difference between a dedicated developer and a maintenance plan developer? Typically, maintenance plan work requires sporadic work to maintain your site. The maintenance developer checks in on the status of your web site every couple days and updates your site as required. A dedicated developer is a full-time employee. The dedicated developer will be assigned to your project alone to fulfill your requirements.


With dedicated developers the scope of the project may evolve and change without additional costs. You work with a full-time development team to complete tasks as they are assigned. The monthly costs for the dedicated developer must be paid bi-weekly or monthly to continue this service.