A basic web package is a custom designed, unique, professional web page for your business. Sure, there are many options out there for building a free web site, but there are less pros and more cons with these types of services. Read this article for 36 reasons why building a “free” web site is a bad idea.

You will get what you pay for. Spider Teams offers a professional web site built at an affordable price. You will not find a higher quality site for the price anywhere else. We go the extra mile to serve our customers, and you will not be disappointed. Our web site packages leave all the hard work up to us. Adding a MAINTENANCE PLAN will ensure your site continues to operate like a well-oiled machine. You sit back and enjoy your site, while we do what we do best, keeping your site running smoothly.

We build our web sites using WordPress. There are many designs and plugins that can be implemented for your situation. This is included with our basic web site package. We will create a custom site for you built to best suit your needs. Sometimes things get more complicated, and you will need a custom plugin developed for your application. It is times like these when a FIXED BID PROJECT is best for your situation. However, we go the extra mile for our customers and try to include as much as we can in our basic web site package.


We offer domain, hosting and email services with all of our MAINTENANCE PLANS. If this option is not for you it is okay. We offer this option to our customers as a no-hassle alternative to purchasing their own hosting. You are also free to purchase your own domains, hosting and email accounts, and we have a store for this. Visit our WEB STORE to find everything you need to set up a web site. If you own your own domain or if you would like to purchase your own domain but would like to use our hosting included with a maintenance plan that is fine with us. There are many ways things can be set up, and we are willing to do what it takes to suit your needs.


Can’t pay the full amount in a lump sum? No problem. We offer payment plans for all of our basic web site packages. When we begin the project you will be sent an invoice and a link which will allow you to set up a payment plan. You can choose to pay between 20% and 60% as a deposit, and then you can choose to spread the balance of the payments across 1 to 18 months. You get to choose how you would like to pay.